FAI Garda Vetting Application Guide

Before starting the process please ensure that you have these items ready, to upload in either. This can be a document or picture format.

1. The ID Validation form- Signed by the authorised person who checked your original identification (Chairman [Designated Liaison Person], Children’s Officer, Secretary, If not a member of the FAI, the Authorised person may be one of the following: Garda, School, Principal, Doctor, Solicitor, Barrister, Commissioner for Oaths)

2. Valid Government issued Photo Identification, such as a passport or Driving License (to include name and date of birth)

3. Proof of Address issued within the last 6 months, such as a utility bill (for the address on the application).

4. If the applicant is aged 16-17- The Garda_Vetting_ID_Validation_Form, NVB_3_Parent_Guardian_Consent_Form form and one of the following ID instead of the above ID and proof of address, Birth certificate, Passport, Written statement by a principal confirming attendance at educational institution on a letter head of that institution.

5. If the applicant recently arrived in Ireland (has been in the country for less than 6 week), please provide a Passport instead of the above ID and proof of address

The ID Validation form can be found at https://www.fai.ie/about/library/

Step 1. Log into or register My Comet account
Step 1. FAIconnect.ie For help with this go to https://support.faiconnect.ie.
If you have any issue with signing up please contact faiconnect@fai.ie.

Step 2. Ensure all personal details are completed in full on your My Comet account.

Step 3. Find the Garda Vetting Application course on the comet system to submit your application.
Step 3. https://faiconnect.ie/mycomet/private/seminars
Please note the Garda Vetting Seminars may differ in name from the images used in this guide but they will always have Garda Vetting in the title

Step 4. Upload all the required information: ID validation form (signed by authorized person), 1 form of Government
issued photo ID, 1 proof of address issued within the last 6 months. Click apply. The status of the course will then change to Submitted and you will receive an email confirmation.

Step 5. FAI Child Welfare team will review the application.
Step 5.1 If there is an error with the application, you will be notified via email. Your status will then be changed to Returned. Please read the comments, correct and resubmit. Then your application will begin at Step 4 again once you have resubmitted
Step 5.2 If your application is all correct, the FAI Child Welfare team will input your information into the National Vetting Bureau System which will request a Vetting invitation is sent to you via email. Your Status on the
Comet system will then change to Confirmed.

Step 6. Open email from National Vetting Bureau and click on the link within it.
Then complete all the requested information within the National Vetting Bureau System. You will then be
able to track your application on the National Vetting Bureau System.

Step 7. Once your application has completed all the stages on the National Vetting Bureau
system, a disclosure will be provided to the FAI with the results of their checks. The
FAI will then review this information.

Step 8. If there are not convictions disclosed to the FAI, the FAI Child Welfare Team will issue your
completion letter through the My Comet system which can be found on your course tab, a license will
appear on your licence tab with how long the Vetting is valid for and the status will change to Passed. This
then the end of the process for you.

Step 8.1. If a conviction has been disclosed to the FAI, you application will then go through a further review
process. Full details can be found within the Garda Vetting Section of the FAI Child Welfare and
Safeguarding policy. https://www.fai.ie/domestic/safeguarding/fai-child-welfare-policy

FULL GUIDE AVAILABLE HERE – FAI_Garda_Vetting_Application_Full_Guide